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The Great Gatsby collection

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The outstretched arms, the green light, luxurious mansions lining the Long Island Sound, over-the top-parties, flappers, Dr. Eckelburg’s watchful eye, and of course, those beautiful shirts. While June seems an eternity away from the set release for Baz Luhrmann’s much anticipated and re-imagined version of The Great Gatsby, we thought your readers might appreciate objet and furnishings inspired by none other than James Gatz himself. Of course, we know these pieces will NEVER be fully appreciated by Daisy Buchanan or her social climbing set, but nearly a century later, the 1920’s produced timeless, modernist pieces that are still very much en vogue today. Sculptural forms with strong connections to architecture and design, faceted polished chrome and stainless steel, elegant black and white and refined crystal detailing. In fact, dare we say, we think they are positively the cat’s pajamas!

GRAFF – Fontaine
The Fontaine exudes a high level of Hollywood glamour with its strong shapes and slight Art Deco feel. Curves and angles mesh so perfectly you could say it’s ready for its close-up. GRAFF’s Fontaine lavatory faucet
creates an ambiance of pure luxury and visual delight. A modern masterpiece of geometric design, the distinctive Fontaine faucet looks great from any angle.

Troy Lighting – Collins
Traditional does not have to mean staid. The Collins pendant from Troy Lighting makes a subtle yet glittering statement. With its diamond-cut crystals and candelabra base, Collins raises the elegance factor anywhere it’s placed. Available in a variety of pendant sizes, and as a single, double, triple or four-light sconce. All options are done in a timeless polished nickel finish.

THG – Metropolis
With a modernist feel, spare but well-executed detailing and Lalique crystal, THG’s Metropolis series embodies pure luxury. The iconic raisin motif, originally created by René Lalique, decorated the interiors of the Orient Express and evokes the texture and fluidity of water. With square or lever shaped handles, Metropolis showcases crystal adorned with the same raisin motif encased in metal with an option of black or white Lalique crystal. A full set of accessories assures a glamorous environs, destined to make any bath or homeowner swoon with envy.

Corbett Lighting – Harlow
Truly Gatsby worthy, the delectable silhouette of Corbett Lighting’s Harlow is a dead ringer for Art Deco. In addition to looking good, this streamlined sophisticate is outfitted with faceted crystal accents, a cool color palette, sleek stainless steel and incorporates LED technology. Combining LEDs and incandescents Harlow is suited for hospitality, living or work spaces and is available as a pendant or single or double wall sconce. Perfect for a hallway, living or dining room or entranceway, this fixture is every bit as welcoming as it is attractive.

Jean-Michel Frank
French design legend Jean-Michel Frank was the precursor to modernist style. Credited with creating now classic pieces such as the parsons table and club chair, his use of innovative materials and finishes took understated luxury to a new level. This burnished wood screen, GRAND PARAVENT, VERS circa 1925, employs fan shaped pieces of sycamore which when joined together, result in an unforgettable ensemble.

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