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Gira VideoTerminal

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Large, elegant and simple to use: the Gira VideoTerminal
Door communication XXL

Safe, convenient and stylish: Modern door communication is a trend, especially in Germany. Building owners and renovators are increasingly discovering the advantages of door and home stations, which our European neighbours have been familiar with for a while. With the VideoTerminal, Gira is offering a home station with added dimensions.

Pizza delivery guy, party guests or your mother-in-law – you have a clear advantage if you can see and hear who is outside the door. After all, not everyone is welcome. The home station provides reliable information about who is waiting outside, thus ensuring more security and a sense of well-being within your own four walls. The Gira VideoTerminal is a home station with an especially large colour display. It has convincing picture quality even when viewed at an angle, a size of14.5 cm, and a resolution of 640 x 480 pixels.

In addition, the Gira VideoTerminal can be operated easily and intuitively – especially by older people. Simple, safe and intelligent house technology allows
the elderly to continue living in their residences as long and as independently as possible. Four buttons located below the display have been assigned permanent menu functions. These can call up various menu levels for door opening, activating and deactivating the call tone and switching the light in hallways or staircases. In addition, different cameras can also be selected here, if available.

The large backlit button for rotating and pressing is used both for navigation within the on-screen menu and for call acceptance. Communication occurs via the practical hands-free speech function, which guarantees maximum clarity thanks to microprocessor technology. The button for rotating and pressing is also used to change particular parameters in the menu, for example the building owner can freely select brightness, contrast and colour intensity as well as set the switch-on time of the colour display.

The Gira VideoTerminal can be installed either flush-mounted or surface-mounted; surface-mounted installation is particularly suitable for upgrading existing buildings. The glass surface framing the screen is available in the attractive design variants black, white and mint. They harmonise visually with frames made of black, white and mint-colour glass from the Gira Esprit switch series.

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