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Gira smoke alarm device Dual/VdS

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Basically it's just annoying – in an otherwise so safety-conscious Germany, building regulations concerning the mandatory installation of smoke detectors are the responsibility of the federal states. The result: only some of the states stipulate use of smoke alarm devices for private new buildings.

Although the regulation certainly makes sense when the statistics are looked at: around 200,000 fires in houses and flats are brought under control each year by the fire brigades in Germany. Despite their professional efforts, around 600 people die in fires every year. It is not the flames though that are the biggest danger, but highly toxic gases emitted by even by small smouldering fires. And fires usually start at night: Those who don't wake up in time often suffocate after just a few breaths. A smoke alarm device on the other hand can save lives.

At least three smoke alarm devices per home are advisable, as the optimum areas of use are nurseries, bedrooms and hallways. However, the fire brigade recommends installing even more devices, for example in the kitchen, bathroom
and the stairwell. As a solution provider for modern building technology, Gira offers a home smoke detector that uses two different identification processes. These not only ensure double the safety, but also an expansion of the fields of use of smoke alarm devices.

As a combination of smoke alarm device and heat detector, the Gira smoke alarm device Dual/VdS functions fundamentally according to the trusted principle of scattered optical light: a processor evaluates particles floating in the air of the room. The particle density increases dramatically even with a smouldering fire, and the smoke alarm device triggers an alarm. The disadvantage with this process: it is not suitable for rooms with unavoidable disturbances such as kitchen vapours or dust. This is why Gira has equipped the smoke alarm device Dual/VdS with an additional rate-of-rise detector that only detects heat. In rooms with smoke, vapours or dust the scattered optical light system can be simply switched off for avoidance of false alarms, and in such cases the heat detection process guarantees safety. In this way the Gira smoke alarm device Dual/VdS is not only suitable for living rooms, bedrooms and corridors, but also for kitchens, bathrooms, garages and cellars.

The battery-operated Gira smoke alarm device Dual/VdS has a battery replacement indicator. The battery life in stand-alone operation and with a lithium battery is approximately ten years. The Gira smoke alarm device Dual/VdS can also be operated with the 230 V mains supply via a power supply unit in the base. An automatic self-test regularly checks all device functions including battery life. With the integrated function button, individual product features can be activated at any time, such as muting of the device for 15 minutes. With both battery and mains supply operating modes, a networking of several smoke alarm devices is possible. If smoke is detected by one device, this triggers an alarm and activates all the connected smoke alarm devices which then also issue an alarm. A loud, pulsating warning tone with approx. 85 dB(A) awakens occupants even from deep sleep.

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