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Gira radio energy and weather display

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Weather display and energy consumption at a glance

Better than the weatherman

For a long time, the farmer's almanac was used to forecast the weather. Or you could watch a weather report. If you are looking for something more reliable, trust modern technology. The radio energy and weather display from Gira is an example of this. The highlight: at a glance, you can see whether you need to take an umbrella with you and how much electricity and gas the house is currently consuming.

Nothing is as interesting as the weather. If you have children, you can appreciate exact weather information and forecasts. How cold is it outside, when is rain going to set in, and are my kids dressed for the weather? Of course, the same also applies to yourself. Who wants to be sweaty before even getting in the car on the way to work?

The Gira radio energy and weather display supplies precise data and forecasts. Current temperatures and humidity are shown at the top of the display for both inside and outside.
Various sensors record the data and transmit it by radio. In addition, the weather forecast for the corresponding specified location is also provided via an Internet portal, and you can decide between forecasts for the temperature, humidity, chance of rain and wind speed, to find out whether the children can fly a kite after finishing their homework.

Viewing the display provides clarity at all times so that the energy bill at the end of the year is not a nightmare. Sensors record the exact consumption and transmit the data. But how can you be sure that your energy use isn't significantly higher than it was the year before? The energy module gives you answers by indicating your energy consumption compared to the previous year.

Because the Gira radio energy and weather display can be integrated into many of Gira's switch ranges, it is an eye-catcher. Its operation is child's play, too. The various data can be called up using the four operating buttons. Because the device is battery operated, it can be placed anywhere in the house or flat. Alternatively, it can be operated via a mains connections, which eliminates the need to change the battery regularly.
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