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Gira automatic control switch 2

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Better safe than sorry

With its new automatic control switch 2 for high installation areas, Gira ensures double the safety throughout the building: It keeps intruders away on the outside while providing individual comfort on the inside. Because of new detection optics with double sensors, Gira has also improved the detection quality of the switch, in addition to the detection field. As a Standard or Comfort variant, the switch can be used in and around the building according to individual requirements.

It can be dangerous if the light suddenly switches off when you are halfway down the stairs. Looking for the next light switch is more than annoying – it's also precarious. Also, if a house is left dark at night or when the occupants are away on holiday, there is a risk of intruders. The new automatic control switch 2 from Gira guarantees more safety and lets you sleep soundly again.

Especially for high installation areas of 2.20 m, Gira has expanded the detection field of the switch to 12 x 6 m tangential and
8 x 4 m radial. An angle of detection of 180° results, which makes it practically impossible to "crawl under" it and ensures significantly more security, particularly in the outdoor area of the building. Inside the building, installation is especially recommended in passageways and rooms which are only used briefly and where switching off the light is often forgotten. This also includes garages, cellars and public bathrooms, in addition to hallways and staircases. The switch also saves electricity, as the light only switches on when it's really needed, and because it then automatically switches off again.

The automatic control switch 2 is part of Gira System 2000 and can be fitted on all corresponding inserts. It can be easily integrated in the Gira System 55, Gira E22, Gira F100 and Gira ClassiX switch ranges and can also be substituted quickly for the previous automatic control switch. Water-protected installations in accordance with IP 44 are possible with the TX_44 switch range.

Gira offers the automatic control switch 2 as Comfort and Standard variants, each with different functions. The special feature of both models: all the settings are no longer made using conventional potentiometers which are difficult to adjust and located on the back of the switch. This make installing or replacing switching top units significantly easier for the electrician because repeated and tedious removal and opening of the top unit to make settings which are as precise as possible are no longer necessary.

Numerous intelligent building management settings can now be made much more easily per an IR remote control, which Gira offers in combination with the Comfort variant of the automatic control switch. The individual functions are arranged from top to bottom on the remote control depending on their relevance. For example, at the press of a button, the automatic switch-on and switch-off mode can be (de)activated or the light can be switched on or off for 2 continuous hours. Automatic mode can be quickly disabled with an On/Off function in the pivoting cover plate of the Comfort top unit. Colour LEDs display the current status here. The detection sensitivity and field can also be set conveniently per remote control. Moreover, the delay time and switch-on brightness of the switch can be set to different levels and adapted to individual usage habits in the house.

The Standard variant of the Gira automatic control switch 2 represents a practical addition to the Comfort variant. A combination of the two top units is especially suitable for large and winding buildings. The delay time for the Standard top unit is factory preset to 2 minutes. However, using the new teach function, the brightness from which the light is activated can be conveniently adjusted by shading it with a hand in the range from 1 lx to 200 lx and adapted to daytime operation.

The use of the Gira automatic control switch 2 is practical both in residential buildings and public buildings. For example, at the press of a button the lighting in staircases can be set to the statutory regulation of 150 lx or occupied-home simulation can be set by playing saved light sequences. An energy-efficient nightlight function enables the continuous illumination of selected building areas at only 20% of the usual brightness, which is practical in hotels with long hallways. In addition, switch-off pre-warning can be activated on switching and dimming inserts. Rather than a sudden and complete blackout, lighting is gradually dimmed down with dimming inserts.
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