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In 2000 Burkhard Vogtherr designed the Frame chair for Arco. Some ten years later this chair has grown to become a classic in the collection. With the introduction of new variants, Arco wants to further develop this successful chair into to a wide range with a large choice of designs (seat and frame) and materials.

The existing Frame chair is characterised by a metal frame with fine, rectangular lining that gives the chair a light and bright appearance. During the IMM2011 trade fair we will be presenting an addition to this chair: the Frame Round (Frame-R) has practically the same seat but is fitted in a round tubular frame. This means a choice can be made between a Frame chair with graphic, rectangular lining or one with a somewhat gentler, rounder profile. This option is possible for either the Frame or the Frame XL. The frame can be provided in chrome or epoxy lacquer. The frame of the Frame-R is also available in stainless steel. The chair is ideally suited to representative work environments
and meeting rooms.

In the Frame series, Arco is also introducing an "adjustable" option which makes the chair even more comfortable to sit in. With this option, the seat and back can be moved backwards and forwards at will, allowing you to sit in a more relaxed position if required. There are also numerous choices when it comes to the seat finish: as well as lacquer, fabric and leather, the seat of the Frame and Frame-R can also be made of veneer or a special upholstery.
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