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Fixscreen - Windtight Sunprotecting Screen

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The Fixscreen of RENSON is the first screen in the world that is truly wind-resistant and insect proof. It uses an ingenious zip system securely fastened to the edge of the screen which then is permanently held in the side guides of the system, making the screen wind-resistant in every position. The screen is equipped with a bottom rail made of extruded aluminium and provide with a rubber seal to close perfectly with the threshold. This makes the screen insect repellent when fully closed. Rattling and ripped screens belong to the past.

The Fixscreen is delivered with fibreglass or Soltis fabrics with a very high sun protection factor. It can also be delivered with insect screen or blackout fabric. It is available in three sizes: Fixscreen 85 for most standard windows and in renovation projects, Fixscreen 100 for glazing up to 4 m wide and 2.7 m high or 3 m wide and 3.5 m high and Fixscreen 150, which will cope with extremely large glazed surfaces up to 22 m² (maximum width of 6 m in
one piece, one cover).

This Fixscreen has undergone an extensive range of tests to ensure that the product performed to the highest possible standards. The wind tunnel tests at the Von Karman Institute for fluid dynamics proved the screen has a windtightness for wind loads up to 120 km/h (guarantee up to 80 km/h) – report nr. EAR0410. The screen has also undergone durability tests at the WTCB – report nr. 651 XE823 CAR4139. As manufacturer, RENSON provides a guarantee of 7 years on the Fixscreen-technology and 5 years on the rest of the system.

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