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Fire Line Automatic

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It is a unique automatic bio fireplace, operated with a remote control and the control panel. Equipped with safety sensors, flame size regulation, LED display and the possibility of integration with Smart Home System. It is an ideal alternative for traditional and gas fireplace. The length of a Standard model is 990mm. Perfect for architects and interior designers, as it provides unlimited arrangement possibilities and the possibility to customize the product to individual project. In addition to the standard steel color of the Fire Line Automatic, it is possible to select the fireplace lacquered with a high-gloss in any RAL tone to match the shade of the fireplace to the individual project.

Bespoke models: Planika ensures top service. To live up to our clients’ requirements, we have provided the possibility to produce bespoke models, according to the client’s expectations. Bio fireplace can be customized from 880mm up to 2970mm, where the burner strip would reach the length of 2736mm.

Fire Line Automatic model C: The only corner automatic bio fireplace, providing curved line of fire without the necessity
to join several devices. Can be operated with control panel, remote control and the Smart Home system. Maintains all the features of a standard Fire Line Automatic.

Several Joint Units – up to unlimited length: If a longer line of fire is preferred, the fireplaces can be joined and operated with a single remote control, giving the possibility to create an endless line of fire. The client can choose between the right, middle and left module in the length up to 2970mm.
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