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28-Mar-2013 Ecdel has a range of clear elastomer plastics, suitable for a wide range of applications that require high-strength, tough, transparent films. The plastics are copolyester ethers, and are therefore tough and resistant to a variety of chemicals, especially oils, alcohols and sulphuric compounds. Other properties are low haze and a high light transmittance. This means that the plastic stays clear and clean-looking after repeated use. After usage, the film can be steam-cleaned and then reused.

The material is also very flexible, and can be extruded or moulded into a range of shapes. This should be done under controlled conditions to preserve the crystalline structure of the material, as this property gives the elastomer its strength, toughness and clarity. The raw plastic also resists puncturing.

Due to its hygienic nature and adaptability, current applications include high-strength or pharmaceutical packaging. The elastomers come in a variety of thicknesses, starting from 0.2mm. The plastic can be extruded into very thin films for sealing or into 3D shapes such as tubing.

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