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easy-on versatile protective finish

easy-on is the hard wearing protective finish for all situations. Originally designed to protect Oil rigs in the North Sea this fantastically tough, non-stick coating has subsequently found a million uses here on dry land.

easy-on was introduced to the UK by Urban Hygiene around 10 years ago and it quickly found a calling as the UK's number one, "true permanent" anti graffiti coating. A title it still holds today. easy-on was extensively tested by the National Materials Research Institute and shown to withstand 100's of cleaning operations and resist all forms of graffiti. Non-stick easy-on can be cleaned using mild and safe graffiti removers and will last up to 20 years without ever needing to be reapplied.

Following this success easy-on protective coating quickly became a favourite with Schools and Housing associations who use it as a durable finish for corridors and stairwells. One coat applied over newly painted walls enables cleaning to take place where redecoration had previously been the only option. This not only enables building and facility managers to keep on top of appearances but also saves building owners many thousands of pounds in annual redecoration costs by extending redecoration intervals up to 20 years if required.

Most recently easy-on has been tested by the Biomedical Research Team at Sheffield Hallam University and has been proven to resist the top 10 hospital acquired infections (HAI's). This latest incarnation will see will see easy-on being used as a Hygiene Finish in wards and theatres where its washable nature and long life will ensure cleaner hospitals for us all whilst saving the Health service millions of pounds in decoration costs.

easy-on protective finish can now be found all over the world in hundreds of different guises. easy-on protects surfaces permanently and is a fantastic low cost alternative to wall cladding systems.
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