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Dipline, the first Lighting solution that appeals to your creativity
The Dipline “Home” series is aimed as much at your artistic sense as at your practical needs in lighting. For the design of a light fixture or a lit frame, there is a Dipline solution.
Here are the strong points of the series:
A new concept, fun and creative
Has your imagination no limits? Good, the Dipline “Home” series has none either. With this series, your wildest desires will come true: starry sky, wall fixture, ceiling fixture, lit up artwork, everything is possible.
a lighting that reflects who you are…
You can decorate the Dipline panels as you wish. Paint, stickers, tapestry, everything is allowed.
And low electrical consumption
The luminaries that we offer (LEDs, miniature lamps and spotlights) require little energy. For example, a LED power is 0.1 W, a miniature lamp 0.33 W. The spotlights are limited to 20 watts.
A new idea? Dipline is with you!
Tired of a design? You can add new light elements, change their position or move your panel somewhere else in your home.
Panels of all sizes
The Dipline panels come in 4 formats. From the largest one (2500 x 400 mm) to the smallest one (200 x 200 mm), you will find a format suitable to your design. Furthermore you can cut a panel if needed; all you need is a cutter or a jig saw.
an innovative product, scalable and simple to install.
The Dipline concept offers many advantages to the user. Here are some of them.
A quick installation, therefore economical.
The Dipline installation requires only short time to set up. This gives the installerthe time to fit in a busy schedule and gives the customer (for example a commerce or a restaurant) the advantage of a reduced down time, therefore to minimize his loss.
A limited thickness
The thickness of the panels being small, the set-up does not affect the height of the room and its furnishing. With the Dipline panels a false ceiling is not necessary.
A perfect modularity
The modularity of the concept Dipline allows you to modify the decoration as many times as necessary.
The location of the lighting elements can be changed every time the disposition of your environment requires it.
Renovation possibilities
If the finishing on the panels no longer matches the decoration or atmosphere of the room, it will be easy for you to change it. A new coat of paint, a stretched fabri, nothing will be impossible for you.

BRIEF Comparison with hard wired or fiber optic set-ups.
These techniques require qualified personnel.
Their installation time is longer (3 to 4 days).
They are neither modular nor scalable.
The renovation of these installations is often complex and costly.
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