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Combining And Cladding Natural Materials Is New Surface Trend

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This autumn/winter, there are two strong emerging trends for surfaces. Natural, authentic materials are still proving popular in all styles of interior but we’re using them in completely new ways, to create a tactile cocoon.

Rustic wood floors are being laid across floors and continued up walls. Installed in this way, the wooden surface can create a stunning feature wall, headboard or sofa surround, especially when combined with pale-toned paint finishes and sheer, light textiles. Knotty floors, like Kährs Oak Linen and Oak Oyster, work particularly well. The handscraped and brushed surface reinforces the natural, tactile look, whilst the white-toned Nature Oil prefinish creates a contemporary edge. To create a subtle contrast, different toned prefinishes can be chosen for each surface.

Wood floors are also being combined with slate and stone. This can work particularly well in ensuites, where wet areas can be zoned using different types of flooring, instead of dividing them with walls and doors. By using materials in this way, you can create an incredibly stylish, fluid look and harness the materials’
practical benefits.
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