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Regardless of the weather conditions, we like to spend as much time outdoors as possible. The garden has become very much an integral part our home. As a result, we also look for more atmosphere, comfort and optimum enjoyment outside. With its Camargue®, RENSON® offers a terrace covering, which combines an aluminium structure with a bladed roof system. By incorporating wind-resistant screens, glass sliding doors or Loggia® sliding panels, this solution becomes an extra outdoor space.

The Camargue® combines an aluminium structure with a roof with inclination of 0°, made of blades. These 150 ° rotatable blades provide sun protection and ensure the necessary cooling and ventilation. They are installed parallel or perpendicular to the home. In closed position the roof is really watertight. The blades are designed in such a way that the water is drained sideways. Even during heavy showers the concealed guide water channels drain the water towards the columns. The system also operates when the blades are opened once it has stopped raining, which ensures that the furniture underneath remains protected.

This comfortable exterior
space offers maximum enjoyment on the terrace. When the evening falls, you can use the integrated lighting. Even when it gets colder, you can stay outside. Depending on the size of the terrace covering you can include one or more heating elements. And by integrating flat panel speakers you can always listen to your favourite music.

By incorporating wind-resistant screens, glass sliding doors or sliding panels, the Camargue® becomes an extra outdoor space that offers protection against sun, wind and rain. There are wind-resistant motorised Fixscreen® available in no less than 50 colours and these can be fitted with Crystal windows. In addition, you can build in glass sliding doors, that can also be combined with screens. The Loggia® sliding panels offer yet another possibility. These can be equipped with the same fabric as the screens or with wooden blades. These elements allow the user to customise its terrace covering and make the solution fit into any building situation.

RENSON® has also paid considerable attention to the finishing details. Fasteners and fixings are virtually invisible, all electrical wiring can be concealed, and even the footings can be out of sight. This terrace covering can be mounted in various ways: stand-alone (4 columns), fitted to an outside wall (2 columns) or built into an existing opening (without columns). The high quality of the materials used and the design of the Camargue® reduce maintenance to a minimum whilst guaranteeing exceptional durability.

The Camargue® can be ordered with maximum dimensions up to 4000 mm (span side) and 6100 mm (pivot side) plus is joinable, both at pivot and span side.
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