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Building-integrated Photovoltaic

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8-Jan-2013 The SCHOTT photovoltaic modules ASI® THRU and ASI® OPAK turn a roof or a façade into a solar power plant. Once they have been functionally and aesthetically integrated into the building shell, they deliver decades of consistent high performance. While the semi-transparent SCHOTT ASI® THRU let pass some light through, ASI® OPAK is ideal for opaque, homogeneous surfaces.

Both ASI® Glass photovoltaic modules are produced using the most successful thin film-technology based on amorphous silicon. This technology not only ensures high energy output, even during overcast conditions or when the building is partly in the shade, but it also stand up to the high temperatures that are quite common in building-integrated applications.

In addition to generating energy, ASI® Glass modules for architectural solutions meet the requirements of the building industry: they are available as laminated safety glass or insulation glass and can be used with several traditional metal structure systems to form wall claddings, canopies, skylights or flat and pitched roofs. The result is a low-maintenance building shell that also provides excellent solar and thermal insulation.
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