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Anti-Reflective glass for art glazing

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SCHOTT MIROGARD® is an anti-reflective, completely transparent glass for use in glazing pictures. This practically invisible glass that features an anti-reflective optical interference coating protects valuable works of art. While conventional glass reflects approximately 8 percent of incident light, MIROGARD® glass reduces reflections in the visible spectrum to under 1 percent giving viewers an unobstructed view of the artwork. At the same time, MIROGARD® anti-reflective glass is completely neutral in color. This means the brilliance of the glazed artwork remains true to the original and is rendered in its natural colors.

MIROGARD® anti-reflective glass is dip coated using the sol-gel process which ensures a surface that is extremely stable and easy to clean. It also protects the pictures from the destructive effects of the UV radiation by absorbing 48 percent of the UV radiation in wavelengths from 300 to 380 nanometers. There are also two further versions available for extremely sensitive artworks: MIROGARD® PLUS and MIROGARD® PROTECT, giving them added protection that absorbs or reflects up to 99 percent of UV radiation.

That is why museums, collections
and galleries all over the world have been relying on SCHOTT MIROGARD® anti-reflective glass for decades.
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