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1m2 by EeStairs® [TSS-067]

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Limited space? Maximising every bit of surface area and need to reach the floor above? Then EeStairs® 1m2 staircase is the solution. This stair leaves plenty of scope for functionality, but it is a design that also attracts attention. A storey height obtainable within one square metre of floor area: it's possible with the space-saving 1m2 by EeStairs®.

The advantages of 1m2™ by EeStairs®:
• Occupies the smallest possible floor area: 1m2
• The floor opening need be no bigger than 1m2
• This staircase can be installed almost anywhere
• The ideal solution for a fixed stair to an attic or cellar
• Perfect alternative to a loft ladder
• Available in any RAL colours
• Functional design staircase: artistic solution to a practical problem
• Exclusive: EeStairs received a patent for this staircase

EeStairs set out to design a staircase that would fit exactly into a foot print of 1m2. Impossible, said some but EeStairs persevered. A process lasting six months resulted in a completly steel staircase that, due to its powder coating finish, is available in any colour. EeStairs received a patent for this staircase, which says something about the exclusivity. The 1m2 by EeStairs® soon turned out to be a great success.

Besides attracting enormous interest, there are now also a large number of satisfied users of the 1m2™. This design makes the most economical use of space possible. Customers use the staircase to access their attics, cellars or roof terrace by a fixed staircase that neither gets in the way nor takes up unnecessary space. A storey height within no more than one square metre – EeStairs had the knowledge to succeed.

Important Notes:
- Speak to one of our advisors before starting your building work
- For patent purposes actual staircase is different than depicted
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