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Based in Paris since 2006, Gemaile Rechak won his first competition in 2009 for the construction of the nursery school Le Chat Perché, in Breteuil. This structure, trimmed with copper, combining originality and careful execution, contributed to him being nominated for the Prix de la Première Oeuvre (First Architectural Project Prize) in 2010.
The agency’s work is currently focused on the construction of 16 low-energy housing units (design stage) and House of Childhood (delivery in September 2013).
Engaged in the transformation of sites and landscapes through the act of building, Gemaile Rechak works on the construction of an urbanity conscious of its territory. The project represents for him the opportunity to make the characteristics of a site stand out. It is built on the concept of encounter: encounter with a place, encounter of spaces, of use values.
The experiments of this young architect bear witness to his quest for a more intelligent architectural creation as part of an environmentally-based approach.
With a singular and complete design, it thereby becomes more comprehensible, identifiable. Drawing inspiration from its immediate surroundings.
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