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Unlimited flexibility Mobile walls are not new; they have been around almost as long as Espero has. They are used to temporarily divide up, enlarge or reduce areas whilst providing or maintaining the required sound insulation. Thus multi-functional rooms can be created to the benefit of the owners and users.

The application of mobile walls is limitless: conference centres, hotels, schools, restaurants, offices, hospitals, exhibition halls, theatres and most public buildings. Mobile walls provide flexibility in utilisation of space. Espero's philosophy is to be more than that by being flexible in every sense. The architect's choice. It is the architect's job to be creative. Esperos task is to respond to the architect's creativity in a flexible and yet practical manner. In a word Espero responds positively to the unlimited imagination of the architect.

Espero is a dynamic company continually re-evaluating existing products and developing new products. The expertise of Espero is unchallenged. Espero was established in 1961 and has become a key player in Europe and is the market leader in The Netherlands.
Espero has developed a manufacturing process allowing for the shortest lead times without compromising the very high standard of quality. This accounts for the excellent working relationship Espero has maintained with the construction industry.

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