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ZZ Architects

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ZZ Architects is a multidisciplinary and multi award winning design firm led by Principal Architects Krupa Zubin and Zubin Zainuddin. ZZA is considered to be among the leading Architectural and Interior Design Firms of India. The firm provides an array of services in the field of Architectural design, Interior Design, Space Planning and general project management of its interior design and building projects. Past and current projects include commercial, residential, health clubs, spas and salons, hospitality, pharmaceutical, exhibition, institutional, mixed-use and high end residential interior projects. At ZZ Architects, what finally matters is an overall understanding of the client’s requirement and the project program guidelines along with huge emphasis on ‘Attention To Detail’. This philosophy has helped ZZA in creating a number of award winning spaces in various categories. The passion for always giving best to the clients and firm’s contribution in the field of architecture and design has won the company numerous awards from many prestigious bodies. Success is a result of the firm’s dedication to ongoing experimentation with materials and methods of production.
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