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Jiangsu Zeversolar New Energy Co., Ltd.” is merged by “Jiangsu Eversolar New Energy Co., Ltd.” and “Jiangsu ZOF New Energy Ltd.” Zeversolar combines Eversolar’s low and medium power inverters and ZOF’s high power inverters, in other words, Zeversolar possesses all series of on-grid photovoltaic inverters from 1.5kW to 1MW. All the inverters can meet the requirement of different systems, including household roof system, commercial roof system, large-scale ground PV power plant system, and etc. Meanwhile, Zeversolar has monitoring products, such as PMU, Solareye, in order to satisfy special monitoring requirements. After merged, Zeversolar has 400 employees, and by the end of 2011, the production capacity has been enlarged to 2GW.

Grid management
Due to the growth of photovoltaic market, it is becoming increasingly important for inverters to participate in grid management. Zeversolar always focus on medium-voltage research before, but now more and more safety standard requires inverters to be with the function of grid management. So Zeversolar develops a new research project of grid management. In 2012, customers would find more and more Zeversolar inverters’ design complies with
the requirement of low-voltage grid.

Advantages of Product
Zeversolar inverter varies from 1.5kW to 1MW, and the design is diversified according to the different customer’s requirements. For example, high conversion efficiency, wide MPPT voltage, low turn-off voltage, multi-MPPT design, graphical display, one button update, multiple monitoring mode and so on.

Zeversolar never stops improving the quality of products. All Zeversolar inverters must pass strict test including HALT, ISTA, STRIFE TEST, MTBF/DMTBF, and so on.

Through many years operation, Zeversolar inverters have been applied in many markets including Germany, Australia, UK, Greece, France, Spain, Italy, Sweden, Czech, South Africa, China, and so on.

Following more and more inverters installed at home and abroad, Zeversolar is increasing service team, in order to provide perfect service and support to customers, which includes but not limited to power system design support, remote and on-site instruction service, fastest after-sales service. In addition, Zeversolar has built after-sales offices in Europe and Australia.
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