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We're your source for local and global cool. We've traveled the world (and our own backyard) to fill the Urbanspace Interiors downtown Austin showroom with the best contemporary design and modern furniture. We go for pieces that tell a story—that evoke emotions. Furniture from the top design brands. Local designs from the creative hotbed that is Austin. Pieces to excite those that want a hip, modern and vibrant home.

Come in and explore our eclectic collection. We've curated the new classics by innovative designers: stunning chandeliers, sumptuous rugs and nearly every other furniture type in the middle. Or if you're far away, enjoy the virtual experience right here on this site. Either way our in-house designers will help you mix styles, patterns and color or just browse for inspiration. And because we understand the importance of investing in a home that nurtures you, we invest in products with lifelong quality—that will grow with you as your style evolves.

We're more than just an Austin furniture store; it makes our day when someone finds a piece of
furniture that speaks to them. We carry only products we love and believe in. That we're passionate about. That we want to share with the world. Whether you live in a house in the country, an apartment in an energetic city or somewhere in between, let us help you express your cool/hip/modern/urban self.
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