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Technamation Technical Europe GmbH

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TECHNAMATION was founded in 2002 and since that time until today, the company has made the commitment of developling new ecological products, helping to reduce the CO2-footprint problem. Technamation tunes ecology with economy: the company. has developed a new type of composite material after a considerable investment of research and development. CPC ( Cellulose Plastic Compound ) is an environmentally friendly, cost effective and innovative material, that belongs to the so-called Wood Plastic Composites. With a new recycling technology, it is truly sustainable alternative, which definitely makes a positive impact on the environment. Technamation presents these new products for the first time. Thanks to the high fibre content, the products are not only ecological, but also cost effective.
TECHNAMATION produces high quality and innovative compound to manufacture profiles and injection moulding parts with a high fibre content. The improved characteristics in comparison with similar materials are: the raw materials are non-toxic and harmless to the environment, can get food approval, the composite has proven to be tough and humidity resistant. The material is also recyclable which means
that the products can be recycled and re-ground into raw material for new products. There is practically no production waste created in the production process of, but all residues are used as raw material for new products.
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