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In 2005 Sobrado + Ugalde ARCHITECTS, firm was born, founded by architects Enrique Sobrado Haro and Carlos Ugalde Varela. Services include architecture, interior design, construction and real estate development for both public spaces, and private. It is based on proposals seeking aesthetic geometric and artistic depth at the same time.
Sobrado + Ugalde ARCHITECTS has an extensive list of projects developed under the principle of providing a new lifestyle in which the thoughts, passions and ideas are always linked to a natural and sustainable architecture that make each project unique.
Each work is performed exclusively and carries the personality of its inhabitants, always thinking about the orientation of the constructions with an architecture that uses contrasting natural light and environment to become the ally that transforms the space in which, materials and colors of the place take on a new dimension.

Sobrado + Ugalde ARCHITECTS has generated through the identification and understanding of the tastes and needs of its clients, works of great significance.
Address: Valle Verde 185ª, Club de Golf Bellavista, México Edo. México. C.P 52995.
(55) 63074125
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