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Shift Design

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Our Philadelphia-based company designs and manufactures environmentally- attuned products that enable the creation of unique garden environments. The products respond to ecological imperatives, are aesthetically modern, and tailored to work as modular systems.

The company core is within its design lab where industrial designers, architects and fabricators create products based on mass customization, flat pack shipping and material engineering. Through a blend of precision technologies and traditional fabrication, these products facilitate a way of living that brings sustainable practices into daily life.

SHIFT_DESIGN has placed a significant emphasis upon its companies environmental strategy through the power of design, thus reinforcing local manufacturing and waste-reduction methods by choosing product components that are made from recycled content and are 100% recyclable after a long life- cycle.

The product systems are created with an emphasis on ease of install that on the residential scale allows for Do-It-Yourself projects. On a commercial scale this strongly promotes the creation of a newly skilled “green” labor force for multiple product applications. Our fabrication model is based upon nodal manufacturing within a range of
120 transport miles which directly affects the products carbon footprint. We will further partner with manufacturers across the country to fabricate our products within our node city locations.

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