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I-MESH: performance and design power
I-MESH is functional and expressive matter. The yarn placed through personalized paths, takes the form of a multi-axial grid.
Directions and densities make of I-MESH a “tell tales material” applicable in many ways and disciplines.
Applications of I-MESH are many: in the field of architecture and industrial design we convert I-MESH into architectural facades, floors, ceilings, panelling, furniture complementary designs to architecture and fashion.
Durable and incombustible can be shaped to provide comfort, discretion and safety.
They are also capable to reduce noise in the order of 25DB.

I-MESH is: functional, expressive, yarns, grid, industrial design, sustainability, architectural facade, floors, ceilings, panelling, furniture complements, fashion, durable, incombustible, comfortable, discrete, safe, Fire Retardant, noise reduction, resins, high tenacity, carbon fibre, glass fibre, zylon, basalt, technora, ventilated, heat screening. light screening, sound absorbing, load-bearing, light projectable, conductive, custom-made, lowest weight, recyclable, partitions, design walls, scenography, lighting, CLASS 1, green building
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