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a Dutch design oriented company founded in 2006 which offers contemporary interior products ‘with a soul’. Our main product focus is placed on storage units, but our collection also contains some smaller beautifully designed items such as a stool, side tables, mirror and ceramics.

It is our objective to offer products to consumers, who are looking for a piece of well designed avant garde furniture as a ‘lifetime companion’. Besides that we also focus on interior architects who can turn projects into attractive human places.

We are proud to state that we started off building our collection through a very inspiring cooperation with BarberOsgerby (London), Marcel Wanders (Amsterdam) and Alfredo Häberli (Zürich). Later, in 2008, Quodes initiated to also work closely together with Nendo (Tokyo) and Skujeniece & Elsinga (Amsterdam).

The result of the mutual effort is an inspiring collection for the living room, bedroom and office. This exclusive collection is intended for individuals with different tastes and needs, but always with the sole intention to add a timeless piece of quality design furniture to their lives.

is a platform for a small selection of deeply involved and dedicated leading designers from different nationalities. They all have an authentic handwriting and a very personal view on living and product design. They are also selected because of their drive to set a next step in design, and that is exactly what we intend to achieve with every one of our new products.

In addition, it is Quodes objective that all our senses notice that its products are created with a vision, total dedication, the best possible crafts, beautiful material use and attention for sustainability.

Many products have already found their owners all around the world.

In addition several of the pieces have been exhibited in museums, published in art books or got recognitions through the media. Our bookcase ‘Pattern’, designed by Alfredo Häberli was selected by Wallpaper magazine as ‘Best Shelving of the Year’. Stool ‘Ken’, designed by Marcel Wanders was earmarked by Elle Decoration as ‘Future Classic’.

At this moment Quodes is still a young and growing company putting heart and soul into building up a modest but sound collection.

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