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Q-railing develops innovative, high-quality designer railing systems and glass balustrades. Our products function as supports and handrails along steps and stairways, and as safety barriers around balconies and between floor levels. You will find our railing systems and glass balustrades installed in homes, shops and malls, as well as in offices and public buildings, museums, stadiums, airports and swimming pools. Each of our components are fully modular and able to be used in any of our railing systems, providing you with endless design possibilities.


In order to be successful in the world of design, railing systems and balustrades, Q-railing has a vision and a mission. This reflects where we would like to be in the future, and how we will achieve this position.

Our vision:

The premium brand in railing systems.

We want to be the number one railing system and balustrade supplier in the world. Yes, we are aware that this is a very strong statement. However, we have proven that we have what it takes. We learn, improve, succeed and always strive for more.

Our mission:

Q-railing will
be the most innovative and reliable railing system provider worldwide, critically looking at the market and our own organisation to foster continuous improvement.

To succeed at being the best railing system supplier, we start by ensuring that - as a top priority - we know what our customers want and then pleasantly surprise them by giving them even more.


At Q-railing we continuously monitor the quality of every product, to guarantee that each component we produce meets all quality requirements. This enables you to build railing systems in which every product used has the same high-quality surface and extremely accurate measurements and tolerances, with no variations in colour.

Our organisation is ISO certified; we work according to the quality requirements of Management System ISO 9001:2008 and the Achilles Joint Qualification System (JQS). In addition, we have our own quality management facilities and our products have their own materials certificates.

Wide range
Q-railing has the largest variety of modular railing system items available anywhere! Plus, because our extensive range of components are all interchangeable, you get unlimited design possibilities and the ability to achieve the best solution for every situation. Everything is available, from round or oval shapes to square, and from Bendywood or aluminium to stainless steel 304, 316 or 2205.

As the most innovative company in our industry we are continuously improving our products. In addition, each year we introduce approximately 300 entirely new products.

At Q-railing, innovation means more than highly advanced design. It also means creating new solutions that make installation even easier and quicker, so that you can easily deliver a perfect end result every time.

A railing system is there to protect people from falling. Therefore it is no surprise that safety is an essential part of our products and systems. You will not find as many extensively tested products anywhere else. This gives you assurance, with the added bonus that you do not need to incur the expense of carrying out your own testing program.

Our railing systems come with a number of quality marks for various countries. To get these marks our products and systems are thoroughly tested in our own test facility as well as by internationally-leading Enforcing Authorities.

Q-railing stands for innovative design, developing today what your customers will ask for tomorrow. Timeless design and an eye for aesthetics are combined with a focus on practicality, safety and – just as important – easy installation methods that save you a significant amount of money during the building process.

Why such a focus on practicality, safety and easy installation methods? Because we believe that to be “good,” it is not enough for design to be stunningly attractive. It must be functional as well! With product lines that include Q-line, Square Line®, Quickrail®, Ultra Range, Q-lights, d line and Easy Glass®, Q-railing sets the standard for design railing systems.

Easy ordering
Order whenever you like, because we are there for you 24/7, if not by phone or e-mail during business hours than through our webshop. All orders placed before 12.00 noon on business days for in-stock items can be shipped the same day, and we can assure you the number of products in stock is unbelievably large!

Whatever railing products you need for your stairs, balcony or balustrade you will find at Q-railing: glass clamps, base glass clamps, glass adapters, base shoes, handrails, bar holders, connectors, end fittings and much more.

Q-railing gives you fast delivery to every location, with just-in-time guaranteed. Have a custom request, such as for pre-fixes for tapping and drilling? Just let us know how we can serve you.
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