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Progress Eco Spółka z ograniczoną odpowiedzialnością S.K.A.

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We are Polish leading manufacturer nets and industrial filters as well as technologically advanced products and process solutions based on them. The quality of Progress Eco products is based on many years of experience, knowledge of our employees and on Quality Management System compatible with ISO 9001 certified in 1996. It is confirmed by confidence and recognition of our customers. We deliver our products to domestic, European and American markets.

Progress Eco S.A. concentrates on finding, creating and delivering ready-made solutions within the scope of Progress Architectural Steel Structures. The knowledge of advanced technologies of stainless steel processing and great esthetics of our products results in our offer growing larger and larger. Great experience in industrial net production enables us to act as a manufacturer of nets, mesh and architectural metal sheets and offer full service support.

Thanks to innovative solutions concerning the designing process and production we are able to realize even the most daring projects. Removing the barriers from the feet of designers and investors is a great challenge and gives our team a real satisfaction..
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