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Prandina is an Italian lighting design company that started its business in 1982. From the beginning Prandina’s creative philosophy has fulfilled criteria of simplicity, functionality and lasting quality.
Oriented toward effective and recognizable lamps, Prandina believes in productive teamwork with established and emerging designers, both Italian and foreigner, looking for new ideas in lighting, breaking with the current trends and conventions. From the glass manufacturing experience, Prandina is nowadays developing projects and products that fit its design strategy, also exploring different materials such as aluminium, steel, fabric and polypropylene, policarbonate and fiberglass. Production is implemented with top quality executions, materials and finishing. Also great care is paid to representing the brand identity, which is visible in the workplace organization, in the direct creation of corporate graphic, product packaging, exhibitive events and communication activities. The product development, supported by skilled manufacturing capability, is carried out in compliance with ISO certified quality control system, issued by DNV Italy since 2001.
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