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Ozzio Design

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Ozzio Design is an italian company specialised in the production of tables, chairs and complementary furniture, a fast-growing business in the national and international market.

Ozzio Design Home…it’s a friendly space. Space is moving…this is what could cross your mind while looking at Ozzio Design products. The creative concept – and the reason why too – are the expression of multifunctional products that really give concrete answers to the steady lack of space, typical of contemporary living. In Ozzio items for interior design, not only the shape and the product’s perception are changing, but their function changes as well.

It happens for example that a table turns into a console, a folding chair simply “disappears” from your sight, a coffee-table turns into a performing versatile table, a TV-rack follows your look…

Welcome to a new dimension, where everything is possible.
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