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Orproject is a London-based architecture and design practice set up in 2006 by Francesco Brenta, Christoph Klemmt, Laura Micalizzi, Rajat Sodhi and Renato Papa. Our work explores advanced geometries with an ecologic agenda, the integration of natural elements into the design results in an eco-narrative.

Our projects range from experimental small-scale installations to large real-estate developments. We produce high-end luxury design, covering all aspects of a project from design and planning to practical completion. Our work has been published and exhibited widely, amongst other at the London Architecture Festival, the Furniture Fair in Milan, Palais de Tokyo in Paris and the China National Museum in Beijing.

Ecology as a Narrative expresses our approach to ecological design: More than creating perfectly efficient ecological machines we are interested in expressing, through a visual narrative, the sequence of steps in which architecture can harness natural elements. This sequence from a natural element to its integration into design is usually hidden within a photovoltaic panel or concealed behind cladding. We visually expose the sequence as a narrative by expressing each step in
a stimulating game of perceptions, Ecology as a Narrative creates awareness of how harmoniously nature can blend into design.
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