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Octatube designs, develops and constructs complex architectural structures, with an emphasis on advanced applications of glass and steel.

Besides a high-class design, engineering and manufacturing company, we also play a role as a specialised contractor. Octatube is unique in the Netherlands, carrying out projects in-house from design to completion. Octatube is based in Delft. Mick Eekhout is the General Director and holds a position as a Professor in Product Development at the Faculty of Structural Engineering at the Delft University of Technology. His son, Nils Eekhout, is the Technical Director. Octatube has a workforce of over 70 people, divided over our Design & Engineering, Production & Installation and Project Management departments. All our departments are situated in one building where collaboration between the departments is tight. We believe it is essential in our delivery of innovative and dependable results.

Specialties: Structural glazing, All-glass structures, Steel structures, Domes, Spaceframes, Free form, Shaped glass, Facades, Gridshells, Cardboard, Cladding, Composites, Membranes, Renovation, Engineering, Architecture, Project Management, Innovation, Construction
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