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MSB Architects, formerly HarneBowen Architects & Planners, was established in 2004 with a mission to design buildings that enhance both the built and the natural environment. MSB Architects offers diverse design experience and excellence in residential, commercial, institutional, and educational projects.

Teamwork forms the core of our firm's philosophy, combining the professional skills of our personnel with job specific consultants to create focused and effective project teams. Principal, M. Scott Bowen, personally manages each project from start to completion allowing for better client communication and an efficient decision making process.

Project Managers, Michael Summers, Ashley Mogenhan, and Katie House, manage and coordinate the design team assembling a project's complex details for construction. Their involvement, along with Mr. Bowen's, in Client meetings is critical in communicating the Owner's intent to the design team. Joann Leatherman, the voice of MSB Architects, maintains files, contacts, and messages. Each team member at MSB Architects has full access to Mr. Bowen's calendar and the authority to add meetings at will, reducing communication time with our Clients and Consultants when coordinating meetings.

The staff at MSB Architects brings a combined 25 years of sustainable design experience to every project. The firm aspires to produce projects that exist in harmony with their surrounding environments. We advocate the re-use of existing structures and the use of local materials, to reduce the impact our projects have on the environment.

When searching for a new office building in 2006, we found the perfect space in the old post office in Myersville—an existing structure with plenty of natural light. To further expand commitments to sustainability, MSB Architects implemented a recycling program to properly dispose of waste paper produced during the design process along with digitally archiving completed projects in PDF format rather than the traditional method of multiple paper copies.
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