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Louise Braverman, Architect

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Practicing locally and globally, Louise Braverman, Architect is committed to building sustainable architecture of art + conscience. The firm is a highly focused, technically savvy architectural studio that collaborates with clients to create artistically inventive, award-winning, institutional, residential, commercial and urban infra-structure projects. The work is a product of a search for elemental solutions to complex problems, using common means to achieve uncommon results. The firm's projects have won numerous design awards, been internationally published and widely exhibited at such notable venues as the 2014 and 2012 Venice Architecture Biennales and the National Building Museum in Washington D.C. Design Awards include the 2014 Architizer Special Mention Award, 2013 Chicago Athenaeum/European Centre American Architecture Award, the 2013 Chicago Athenaeum/European Centre International Architecture Award, the 2013 GREEN GOOD Design Award, the 2012 Chicago Athenaeum/European Centre American Architecture Award, the 2010 GREEN GOOD Design Award, the 2009 Chicago Athenaeum/European Centre International Design Award, the 2005 Residential Architect Award, the 1997 “Best of Category” ID Annual Design Award and multiple National, State and Local AIA Awards.
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