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History of Leolac

Leolac is specialised in coating foam (products). We are a young and dynamic venture, which has an enormous knowledge and experience. Leo Schraven was in 1999, at Leolux in Venlo the mental father of coating pieces of (foam)furniture. In 2006, he became independently and set up Leolac.

In 1999 Leo Schraven startede to developed the coating. Years of experience were translated into a ongoing will to make the product even more perfect, which resulted into a range of high quality coatings that are aplplied by Leolac at this moment. Leolac is owns the patent of the coating foam, under patent number 1025922.

The effort of all emplyees of Leolac, with the wish to create a high end product, garantees a quality product.

The Mission of Leolac.

Leolac wants to offer, inspired by her own research and design, coated foam products to the producers of brands.

It is the passion of Leolac to keep on innovating. This is the principale by which Leolac wants to differentiate herself continuesly and introduce new applications for a variation of

The goal of Leolac.

This goal can be translated the best to 'reponsible
driven business' with three key elements ;


When is a company a 'reponsible driven business'?

If the activities of the company and the way the are proformed are acceptable to the society to which the company belongs. It is important to get and keep this 'license to operate. (quote of Cor Herkstroter ,Oud-Shell-topman,President-Commissaris ING en DSM)

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