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Lantavos Projects

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Lantavos Projects is a young multidisciplinary architecture and design practice
founded in 2002 by the architect Vangelis Lantavos (BA Hons Arch., PGDip., RIBA),
and the interior designer Maria Lantavos (BA in Interior Design).

The team sees each project as an opportunity in order to express our views
towards our ever-changing world, through the lens of design. Our approach, from
the smallest to the largest scale, involve the same sensitivity and excitement, as
new experiences and possibilities can be discovered through the design process.

Our portfolio includes projects like, commercial and public spaces, houses, office
buildings, as well small and medium scale hotels. Works of the practice have been
published in printed and electronic media in Greece and on abroad and has
participated in National and International competitions and exhibitions.

Lantavos Projects has to demonstrate a diverse CV with continuous development
and briefing in the sector of Architectural research and Design.

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