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La Cornue

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A word from our president History Our philosophy La Cornue today
Three generations, a single passion

What a lot has happened in a hundred years! Following Albert, the inventor and founder, it was André Dupuy who propelled La Cornue into the modern era. He became the star of the new “Household Arts”.
And it was thanks to him – a brilliant engineer with a passion for design – that the various models gradually evolved.
However, our goal remained unchanged: A La Cornue cooker has to be outstanding. La Cornue
offers connoisseurs the very best and remains utterly devoted to excellence. Even in the realm of the exceptional, La Cornue strives for the extraordinary. The famous « 5 star Château »cooker, which perfectly embodies this vision of cuisine, made La Cornue a legend. It was now possible to have your cooker made to measure!

In 1985, Xavier – Albert’s grandson – took over from his father. He is the third family member at the helm and his passion for adrenaline sports, fast motorcycles and nautical sailing would stand him in good stead
– times were about to change… A stormy economy subjected the small family firm to a battering. He had to innovate and rise to new technological challenges, whilst defending the business from predators.
Xavier held sacred his firm’s fundamental values and resisted to lure of the commonplace. He refused to yield the pursuit of excellence and rest on his laurels in the comfortable niche the company enjoyed – La Cornue’s destiny was worldwide. History has proved him right. His perseverance bore fruit and gradually, La Cornue’s brand spread across the globe. In Los Angeles, Moscow and Shanghai, people are excited by these extraordinary French cookers.
La Cornue’s culinary passion is contagious!
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