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Kokoboard Co. Ltd.

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Kokoboard is a group of people who invent idea of using the waste from agriculture to make Particle Board. Avoid cutting wood in forest would extend the living green forest. This project could benefit many criterias.
What Kokoboard benefit to?<BR>1. Benefit to farmers and gardeners and community as they can sell their by product which means more income back to grassroots and community becomes stronger because they are more comfortable to live.<BR>2. Benefit to Environment<BR>2.1 Decrease forest destroying as kokoboard is new choice for wood lovers which contain its own beauty texture and colors from material.<BR>2.2 Decrease air pollution, decrease carbondioxide in the air, since kokoboard use agriculture by products ie. straw, cocodust, grass and so on as our raw material. Then no waste to burn to the air and no straw burn before new grow.<BR>2.3 Slow down the global warming effects.<BR>3. Benefit to users as we have truely environment friendly products to be selected in the market. as kokoboard is the bio composite board which contain natural texture and natural color, moreover, kokoboard is non-formaldehyde
(Super E0), good properties and moisture resistant,<BR>Presently, Kokoboard is participating to two organizations include the researcher from Forest Department and The National Science and Technology Development Association who help us to meet the succeed of making quality Particleboard which comparable to other board in the market. I would like to introduce this board and products to whoever considered to nature and our lovely eart. Nevertheless, we research for natural insulation board which able to launch soon. This natural insulation board is good for partition, wall for keeping room away of noise, and heat as well. Certainly, you still get the texture and feeling of wood. You can be part of nature safer, less create pollution from using plastic or any synthesis material that hard to destroy and pollute to the world. Finally yet importantly, we able to do HDF Board without any glue for whoever wants it, you can ask for further information at <A href=""></A> , <A href=""></A> , <A href=""></A> or <A href=""></A> .
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