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Founded in 1988 and based in Romans, France, JRC-REFLEX specialises in RETRO REFLECTIVE and elastic fabrics and trimming. The company has developed a wide range of high performance fabrics targeting active sports apparel end-uses from first layer to outerwear. Custom-designed products are an important portion of the company’s business, of which 98% is exported. 
The company has invested in a new factory that is three times larger than the previous one and boasts state-of-the-art infrastructure and machinery, increasing production capacity and productivity twofold.  
JRC-REFLEX invests heavily in innovation and R&D, a key to the company’s continuing success. Fabrics and trimming comply with major international standards (Oeko-Tex, Reach, RSL etc...) and the company systematically develops alternative solutions before new regulation comes into application.
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