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Jonathan Sainsbury

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Jonathan Sainsbury Ltd, today launch their new collection of fine furniture and mirrors, pushing the boundaries of classical design in terms of skills and techniques. The magnificent new pieces, comprising over 30 mirrors, tables and chairs, are all characterised by their bold form and strong architectural character. The new pieces have been inspired by the original makers such as William Kent and Thomas Chippendale. Outstanding pieces from the collection include the Chippendale Ho Ho Mirror, The Goodison Fox Sidetable, The Kent Chiswick House Table, The Morel and Hughes Benches and the Dolphin Centre Table.

"Discerning individuals worldwide are building and renovating spectacular country homes exactly like they used to in the 18th and 19th Centuries," explains Jonathan Sainsbury, Managing Director of Jonathan Sainsbury Ltd. "We are experiencing an increase in demand for interiors designed, decorated and furnished in ways that are historically accurate. Clients want beautifully crafted furniture, made entirely by hand, employing techniques and skills rarely seen since the 18th and 19th Centuries. The craftsmanship of our cabinet makers, carvers,
polishers and gilders are equal to those of years gone by, enabling us to make some of the most magnificent furniture and mirrors available today. "

Jonathan Sainsbury Ltd has been a family business since 1918 and the new collection has been produced drawing on a wealth of knowledge and experience passed down through four generations of antiques and restoration experts. The company has an international reputation for supplying the finest hand carved mirrors and furniture. Jonathan Sainsbury Ltd work very closely with top international designers, private clients and the National Trust. Their work has ranged from supplying furniture and mirrors for classical country houses, London and worldwide residences, luxury hotels and superyachts.

Jonathan has been invited to appear in a number of television programmes, such as, 'To the Manor Reborn', a programme where designers and historical experts renovated the National Trust's Avebury Manor, a quintessentially British manor house. As a period furniture expert, Jonathan is also contributing to a programme on the great cabinet-maker, Thomas Chippendale, scheduled for broadcast next year.
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