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Here comes a revolution to the nobility and quality of stainless steel now with new textures, etched patterns, customized polishings and color, so much color, that allow you to create new projects, new ideas, new esthetic options.

Colors are obtained by PVD processes, completely stable and lasting. They are supplied in sheets of different measures and thicknesses, they can be cut, bended, perforated and manipulated as you wish. Etched patterns, mechanical polishings and color masking with many standard patterns and the possibility to create exclusive customized ones.

Metallic weaves, flexible and rigid meshes with many available shapes and designs that allow to cover large external surfaces, create virtual interior rooms or generate visual illusions by combining them with light and colors.

The stainless steel architectural meshes are very verstile both in their applications and in their properties. A large range can be manufactured in the requested characteristics suitable for each project with also the most advisable attachment systems. Outdoor closings for largescale projects that can fulfil both esthetical requirements and functionality in
just one material. Indoor wall and column claddings, ceiling systems, space dividers or filter screening or some other typical uses for these materials. The Inox in Color® has its own Engineering Dpt. to support you in the development of your project. We also have at your disposal our own Installation Service.
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