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Adding value to people’s environments is our starting point, the centre of our business activity and the objective of our designs.

Our design line is characterized to meet the following values: Our designs serve the people and therefore combine aesthetics with function. They are objects which are contemporary, timeless, elegant, intimate, proportionate, and avoid complexity.

Our creations help to create a more comfortable and healthy environment. Therefore, all our products are designed taking ergonomics into account, ensuring a high level of comfort and security.

We believe in quality over quantity. We are self-discerning. We manufacture well made products which are made as though they were for us, giving great attention to detail and quality. Our furniture and raw materials are certified with the AIDIMA quality symbol and are approved to meet the European standards applicable in each case. The company is certified to the ISO 9001 standard.

We want our designs to be useful to people and that they find their place in a multitude of spaces. Therefore we manufacture quality products with a very balanced price.

Conviction and passion are the forces which move us, that lead us each day to work harder and better, to create a wide, advanced and competitive range of designs.

We invest heavily in technology and training as a means to keep evolving and improving our designs and processes. These investments facilitate the work of our team and allow us to offer better products and services to our clients.
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