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Architectural Study 2 was founded in Fuengirola in the year 1975 by Luis Pavón Núñez. The reflection of the true makes this an Andalusian architect an expert at recreating with narrow streets and a random arrangement and staggered home, panoramic remind those people that have been on the shores of the Mediterranean. Strong and harmonious strokes of folklore and fleeing behind the avant-garde architecture.

With the addition in 2005 his son, the architect Luis Pavón Fernández, the study became known as e2 architects, fresh air is added to the design giving a version of most European and contemporary architecture. Sustainable energy efficient buildings and haunt every one of their new designs, looking for a bioclimatic architecture.

We made around about 1000 projects between Works and Building Planning. We have also designed two of the most important resorts of the Costa del Sol: Marriot Marbella Beach Resort y Club La Costa. .

Our architecture is therefore blend of experience and sustainable design and contemporary, dynamic spaces, integrated and continuous, which s
eeks to design new forms, but with sobriety and tradition, steeped in the Mediterranean character whose mission is to faithfully translate customer requirements .
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