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EQUITONE is the world´s leading brand in architectural facade materials.
EQUITONE evokes the unique materiality of fibre cement.
Fibre cement is a mineral composite material with outstanding physical and aesthetical properties.
Our company, Etex, has led development of this beautiful architectural material for over a century under different local brand names such as ¨Eternit¨.

Equitone, which brings together the ranges Natura, Tectiva (formally Eter-Color), Textura and Pictura, gives these architectural materials an identity which is recognised by specifiers as the material of choice to achieve appealing and inspiring buildings.

To enhance the Equitone facade offering, new colours have been added to the range. These now feature more engaging colour names to give them an evocative personality that reflects designers’ aesthetic aspirations. The brand is being supported with new brochures, samples and website update.

“Bringing our fibre cement facade materials together under the Equitone brand makes it much easier for specifiers to recognise and specify a material that will achieve their aesthetic and regulatory requirements,” said Diana Bullock, Campaign Manager at Marley Eternit. “Equitone provides architects with a wide range of options in terms of colour, texture and visual appearance.”

An Equitone facade solution from Marley Eternit has an installed life expectancy of at least 50 years, requires no routine maintenance and is resistant to rot and fungi, making it a highly cost effective material over the whole life of the building. Equitone materials also have fire classifications A2-s1, d0 to EN 13501-1.

An Equitone fibre cement facade contributes to the sustainability of a project because it can achieve an A+ rating as defined in the BRE’s Green Guide to Specification based on generic rating for autoclaved fibre cement single sheet - (Element Ref: 80623042, 806230422, 806230447, 806230450)
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