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Besides being an operating tool, a new catalogue also represents the sedimentation of a journey,
the narration of a trip. And when this story, consistent, straightforward, has been continuing for twenty years then the situation becomes much more interesting. So it is for Desalto who celebrates its 20 years’ activity anniversary in 2010. Twenty years make Desalto at the same time a young company, but historical as well. Of both dimensions Desalto is titled: of a fresh youth, which allows to link up iconicchairs to clothes stands as graphic signs sketched in the air, to flexible tables which are flexible as our daily life. But, we are saying, the Desalto catalogue also enters the history of the design. That story which sees, at the beginning of the nineties the four brothers Orsenigo imagining, by starting from a family company, which traditionally worked metal, a reality which could better answer the time requirements. The historicity is also linked up to the youth by another extraordinary peculiarity that is the
concept of technological research used in Desalto. A complex and
sophisticated research supported by the most up-to-date machineries, but always intentionally “silent” in its results, a technical capacity never shown for itself, but always functional to a result of clarity and simplification. Two are actually the secrets: firstly Desalto is still nowadays a “producer of design” and it has not turned into an “editor of design”.
Difference which is much more than important in a world which is seeing a progressive fading
of the connection between the project and the territory. Secondly: for a precise commitment of the ownership, the whole productive process is carried out according to the most modern criteria about environmental sustainability. From the whole of those peculiarities descends a catalogue which is much more than a catalogue: it is the representation of one idea of living.
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