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Daas Baksteen

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Daas Baksteen is an independent company that has been making bricks since 1890.

Quality is our guarantee

The quality of our bricks is continually being tested through TNO tests. Extensive mechanisation also guarantees a consistent high-quality final product. As of April 2006 the bricks made by Daas Baksteen comply with the CE directives.

Broad range

You can choose from many basic Daas Baksteen selections. You can also have your own mix made up to your own unique blend, ensuring your external wall is shown to the best possible aesthetic advantage.

External wall cladding without bricklaying: Daas ClickBrick®

A unique and patented dry stack system: Daas ClickBrick®. This brick, which has been tested by TNO Bouw (TNO Building and Construction), provides a smooth and colour intensive elevation that can be easily and quickly built. No expert knowledge on bricklaying, gluing or installing is required.
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