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Clavel Arquitectos

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Clavel Architects is specialized in singular projects that are technically viable and also meet with economic, social, environmental and administrative requirements.

Our numerous projects, widely awarded, prove that it is possible to offer the best in architectural design and comply with strict budgets and deadlines. In order to do so, we have a strong multidisciplinary team, made up of architects, engineers, biologists and interior designers, all of whom are indispensable due to the diverse and complex projects we deal with.

Clients, neighbours, users… all are closely linked to the design process from the starting point, and their diversity is taken into account in the project, when searching for solutions to the proposed objectives.

From million-Euro investments to small interior designs, we do not select our projects for their size or budget, but for the potential they have to create a better city.

Our work has received more than 40 awards; we have appeared in 50 international publications and have received hundreds of references in the media.
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