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Claudio Lucchin & architetti associati

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Born in Bolzano in 1959 and is now resident in via Duca D'Aosta.

After the technical maturity graduated in 1984 at the University Institute of Venice, with flying colors. After graduation is in charge of industrial and graphic design and participates in the design of some theatrical productions. In 1985 he "Theatron" a view on the site. It is one of the founders and was President for many years of the "CESFOR" (Center for studies and training), a centre that deals with teaching and research. In 1987 organizes and directs a two-year course of vocational training in industrial and graphic design and in 1988 made "image & design" view of projects in and around objects of Italian design.

After two years of professional experience at several architectural firms, during the 1987 opens a professional studio in Bolzano dealing with architectural design and urbanism. Join with others, to several architectural competitions, whose winners: 1987 – school complex in Brunico. 1988 – the piazza del Magistrato Accomodation in San Candido; 1988 – main square accommodation Postal; 1990 – Palazzo della
Provincia in piazza Stazione Bolzano; 1993 – Centro scolastico per Piedicastello in Trento; 1995-pedestrian island Accommodation in Merano. 2001 – directional and productive Complex Syn-Com in Brixen.

In 1991 he won with others, the international competition for the design of the new exhibition centre of Bolzano and the contract for the construction of Palazzo del Ghiaccio in Bolzano, in 1999 he won the competition for the accommodation of the Don Bosco school and in 2004 the competition for the new WTE plant in Bolzano. In January 2008 he won with the London firm Chapman & Taylor the international competition for the construction of a new scientific-technological Park on ex and ex-Alumix magnesium in industrial zone of Bolzano.
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