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Tailors of marble work. This is how customers describe our company, which boasts 50 years of experience in working marble and stone and 20 years in the field of artistic inlay. Just like tailor- made garments, every one of our projects is executed on a customised basis, from simplest to the most complex and large-scale and from the most classical to the absolutely modern, 360° manner. We also have a vast selection of "ready-to-lay" floor coverings (from catalogue); the relative documentation is available on request.
Our approach is characterised by a skilful combination of master craftsmanship and high production capacity. We are the ideal partners for customers in search of experience, impressive production capacity and a high quality level. Every Budri job reflects consummate care, because our goal is always to achieve the excellence typical of Italian style and taste.
Our greatest satisfaction? Always managing to thrill our customers.
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