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Bisca Bespoke Staircases

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Bisca are designers and manufacturers specialising in bespoke staircases (new staircases and staircase refurbishment projects), balustrades, and architectural features.

We are renowned for our timeless design. Bisca products are unique and are commissioned globally by both private and commercial clients who respect and appreciate the level of design, detail and craftsmanship that is involved.

At Bisca our whole ethos is to design and create bespoke products for our clients with imagination, timeless style, quality materials and a finish second to none.

Unlike some "bespoke" staircase companies - we really do start with a blank canvas and do not design around kits/modular units or off the shelf components. We are truly bespoke and design precisely to our clients requirements.

Based in Helmsley on the edge of the North Yorkshire Moors, Bisca are serious about social and environmental issues and work in partnership with a close local network of suppliers and skilled craftsmen.
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